Five Bail Bond Options Available

The first bail bond option available could have been the easiest to set up. But what if the arrestee does not have the ready cash to settle the cash bond offered by his local bailbonds Ventura office? There are, however, four further bail options that could be given its due consideration, all depending on the arrestee’s immediate personal and financial circumstances. The bail bond official working out of offices such as those set up by Ventura County Bail Bonds should always be well positioned to explain these in full detail.

The four further options that could be considered are the own recognizances bond, the unsecured bond, the secured or property bond, and the surety bond. In most cases, law enforcement officers will not be letting an arrestee go until such time that his office has received payment for the release. Even if the arrestee does not have ready cash to hand it can be arranged by a third party to pay the cash bail bond on his behalf. But cash bonds will not be sufficient for courts of law when far more serious offenses need to be deliberated on.

The own recognizances bond granted and agreed to under special circumstances could be regarded as an act of faith. There is enough reassurance on the side of the court that the arrestee is at least going to abide by the terms and conditions being set by the court. He or she will always show up for his or her prearranged court appearances. He or she has no intentions of skipping town and behaving delinquently. The unsecured bond could also be used in this situation. More than enough reassurances have been given to satisfy the courts.

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It is not all bad. Just talk more with the bail bond official about available options that are being offered.